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Posted by Debra on Monday, December 19, 2011 at 5:16pm.

A repair shop tested two methods(a & B) of replacing a broken roller. In testing method A, these times in minutes were measured (5 trials), 2,4,9,3,2. In testing methods B, these times in minutes were measured (6 trials), 3,7,5,8,4,3. Use the 0.10 significance level, and assume the variance of the two samples are equal. The research asks is there is a difference between these two methods.

2.what is your null hypothesis
a. method A equals method B
b. method A is greater than method B
c method A is less than method B
d. method A does equal method B

3.This is
a. one tailed test
b. a two tailed test
c. a three tailed test
d. a four tailed test

4. How many degree of freedom
a. 5
b. 6
c. 9
d. 11

5. Is the final outcome of your statistics test

a. method A is faster than method B
b. method B is faster than method A
c. Cannot tell if one is faster than the older

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