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Physics (High School)

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A 7.24 g bullet moving at 636 m/s penetrates a tree to a depth of 4.87 cm. Use energy considerations to find the average frictional force that stops the bullet. Answer in units of N
B) Assuming that the frictional force is constant how much time elapsed between the moment of the bullet entering the tree and moment it stopped? Answer is Seconds

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    A) Initial Kinetic Energy
    = Work done to stop
    = (Avg. Force)*(Distance, X)

    F = (1/2)(0.00724)*(636)^2/0.0487 m)
    = ___ N

    B) (Avg speed)*time = Distance
    Time = 0.0487 m/318 m/s
    = 1.53*10^-4 s

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