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Posted by KARMEN on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 6:03pm.

1. A Conneciticut Yankee is episodic.F
2. Mark Twain never wrote in the.F vernacular
3. The Yankee is very impractical, dreamy person.T
4. Merlin challenges Morgan to a duel.F
5. Morgan is very happy to go on the quest with Sandy.T
6. A Connecticut Yankee uses exaggeration for humor.T
7. The Yanke wants to end knight-errantry.T
8. The monks believe the well in the Valley of Holiness stopped the first time because they bathed.T
9. The Yankee believes the hurmits are very holy and sgould be revered.T
10. The king is sold as a slave for $22.00.T

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