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how adipose tissue function when nutrients are plentiful and scarce.

Describe what happens to this tissue during a weight loss program and why it’s difficult to keep the lost weight off.

Discuss liposuction and state if this is a good method to decrease the amount of adipose tissue found in a person’s body.

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    Adipose tissue is body fat. Dieting may decrease the size of the fat cells but does not remove them. Reduced body fat reduces metabolism rates and makes it difficult to avoid putting the weight back on despite continuing a reduced calorie intake.

    Liposuction removes the fat cells entirely. If done carefully, it can reduce body weight in areas where body fat is unsightly, and keep it off. I had it done on my chin 25 years ago and it worked well. There were no bad side effects. A botched liposuction job to attain major weight loss can kill you.

    This is not my field of expertise. You should seek other opinions. This article may be helpful.

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