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anthropology 101

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1. Race: (Points : 1)
is a cultural classification that often reinforces stereotypes.
*is a scientific classification based on definable genetic differences.
provides the basis for a science of humanity.
is a way to delineate people’s intelligence.

2. Before colonialism, most colonized people lived in: (Points : 1)
general peace and tranquility
*static and unchanging cultures
a state of balance with nature
constant warfare and violence

  • anthropology 101 -

    I agree with you on #1.

    I don't know how you can generalize about #2. Colonialism where? In various places in Africa? India? South, North, or Central America? Where??

  • anthropology 101 -

    answer to question 1 is A..

  • anthropology 101 -

    The responses of indigenous peoples to Western colonization included: (Points : 1)
    happiness that they would be cared for.
    cultural disintegration.
    feeling of security.
    relief that their culture would become developed like the West.

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