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There are many ropes keeping a hot air balloon from floating away before a balloon race. One of these ropes is fixed to the ground at a 45° angle. Another is fixed to the ground at a 30° angle. If the hot air balloon is 18 feet off the ground, what is the distance between the ground directly underneath the balloon and the second rope rounded to the nearest hundredth of a foot?

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    Ignore the data on the first rope. You don't need it.

    The distance from a point to a line is the distance from the point along a perpendicular to the line.

    Draw the figure.

    The horizontal distance from the point below the balloon to the second rope ground support point is 18/tan30.
    Multiply that by sin30 for the answer.
    The answer is 18 cos 30 feet.

    I don't see anything about physics here.

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