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    Stop with the all-caps and name changes, or seek help elsewhere. You do not appear to be making any effort to learn algebra.

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    how dare you say that why in the hell do you think I'm on here don't judge me cause i need help to understand how to do the problems Math is my poorest subject for me and i'm trying to receive help not critisim. wow you go on a site for help and they treqt you badly thanks

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    You're welcome

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    ALl that said, you just need to see why the rules for adding exponents work the way they do.

    a^2 = a*a
    a^3 = a*a*a

    a^2*a^3 = (a*a) * (a*a*a) = a*a*a*a*a = a^5 = a^(2+3)

    So, when you multiply numbers raised to powers, just add the exponents.

    Division works the same way, but you subtract powers.

    a^5 / a^3 = a*a*a*a*a/a*a*a

    and the three a's in the bottom cancel with three of the a's in the top, leaving (5-3)=2,or a^2

    Note how this sneakily includes the rule that negative powers in the top can be changed to positive powers in the bottom of a fraction.

    a^-3 = 1/a^3 because a^0 = 1. So, a^-3 = a^(0-3) = a^0/a^3 = 1/a^3

    Similarly, negative powers in the bottom change to positive powers in the top. 1/a^-3 = a^3

    Now, for your problems, it all works together

    10a^8 / 7v^3 * 49r^7 / 100a

    10a^8 * 49r^7 / 7v^3 * 100a

    10 * 7^2 * a^8 * r^7 / 10*10*7 * v^3 * a

    Now things start cenceling, and you are left with just

    7 a^7 * r^7 / 10 * v^3

    If the v or r was a typo, meaning the v is really r, then we have

    7 a^7 r^4/10

    Just take things one factor at a time, remembering that dividing by a fraction is just the same as multiplying by its reciprocal. All the negative and positive exponents swap places up and down.

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