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an artificial satellite is orbiting the earth. A bomb is released from the satellite. The bomb will

(a)explode due to the heat generated by the friction of air

(b)fall freely on the earth

(c)escape into outer space

(d)orbit the earth along with the satellite

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    What a funny question. How can there be air friction where there is no air?

    What happens to astronauts who leave space station for extravehicular activity? Do they have to remain tied to the ship to avoid falling to earth or "escaping to outer space"?

    To change an object's orbit, an extra force has to be applied to it (besides Earth's gravity pull, which keeps it in orbit)

    When the bomb is "released", it is presumably not been given a large extra force. It is just pushed out an open door. It will slowly drift away in the drection it was pushed, but after one orbit it will return to about the same place where it was released.

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