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1. A classic is a literary work
a. that is at least 50 years old
b. has been commonly recognized as a superior work
c. that nobody understands ot likes

2. The write O. Henry is known for his
a. endings with an ironic teist
b. humor
c. stories about the rich

3. F. Scott Fitgerald wrote primarily about
a. common people
b. the social elite of the Jazz age
c. dowagers and crotchety old men

4. A story in which a young character learns some truth about life or people is called a
a. genre story
b. coming-of-age story
c. folke tale

5. An 'Occurrance at Owl Creek Bridge' is set during
a. WW I
b. the Revolutionary War
c. the American Civil War

6. A characterthat is fuly described and complex can be called
a. square
b. round
c. flat

7. A character who by strong contrast emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of another character is called
a. foil
b. stock character
c. hero

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