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Homework Help: PHI 103

Posted by Siri on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 9:37pm.

After being told that she is being punished for lying, a child responds by telling her mother that she also lied. This response may involve which fallacy?
Ad homimen (tu quoque)
Ad verecundiam (ex libris)
Ad misericordiam (ex ante)
Ad baculum (antebellum)
I am confused about this question.
"After the asteroid hit the earth, there was a tornado. So the asteroid caused the tornado" might commit which fallacy?
Appeal to popularity
Begging the question
False cause
Loaded question
I know that this is one of the non sequotier fallacies. I think this is a loaded question.
"China uses too much oil. So they shouldn't develop their industry" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1)
Ad populum
False dichotomy
False friend
Ad orientam
I think that the answer to this one is the second one.

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