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I had to write a paragraph about my last birthday and what movies and people I saw last week
1.Vi a mis hermanos la semana pasada.
2.Vi a mis primos la semana pasada.
3.Vi la película Star Wars la semana pasada.
4.Yo recibí mucho dinero para mi último cumpleaños.
5.También yo recibi muchos regalos de mi familia.
6.Mi hermano me dio veinte dólares.
7.Mis padres me dieron una bicicleta.

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    Those are all good beginnings, except that there are quite a few missing accents. Pick one and add more to turn it into a paragraph.

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    Okay-thank you
    I'll have to recheck accents-I thought I had them all

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    It is hard to tell your i from your í on my computer.
    Maybe you are OK on some.

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    I rechecked them- the "i" in the vi is the regular "i" and the "i" on the pelicula and recibi is accented, Is that correct? I didn't pu them in paragraph form so I could number them for easy correction-Sra McGin always tells me to number them I appreciate you helping

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