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Homework Help: Englidh 7 - Journal Entry (plz read)

Posted by Lauren on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 4:13pm.

Demonstrating Perseverance

I show perseverance when I study and work hard to raise my grade and never give up. My biggest goal is to make it to Yale University; I want to become an artist and a writer. I¡¦ll do whatever it takes to get accepted to that school. I always work hard¡K always! Ever since the beginning of the school year I said to myself ¡§I¡¦m going achieve and succeed in school!¡¨. My uncle says to me many time ¡§Don¡¦t give up, keep working hard and hard. If you work hard you¡¦ll make it to Yale. Don¡¦t give up!¡¨. At the award ceremony yesterday, I had gotten a lot of good awards (4). You know why? Because I work hard!!! I always study and study, that¡¦s how I made it to the Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter. I¡¦m going to earn more awards throughout the school year, next year and high school.
Since the semester is almost over I plan to do extra credit projects for all of my classes I¡¦m only doing this huge project to bring up my grades for all of my classes (except music). My plan was to ask all of my teachers¡¦ permission if it¡¦s ok to do extra credit, they all said yes! I was writing down some ideas I can do for extra credit to bring up my grade, it have to be the best! I thought of many good ideas and even my little brother help me with the Math.
Anyway, I have many ways to make it to Yale University. Yale wants a whole package; they want me to stand out! I planning on doing many things like going to tons of summer programs (academics) in order to get high school credits, school clubs relating to doing community service and things I¡¦m interest, after school programs (Kumon, Karate, etc.) and much more (it¡¦s a lot!). Yale is not the only college I want to go I also want to go to an art school but I have to find out first and decide.
Most kids in school just don¡¦t understand how school is important. They just slack off, fool around and are rude to others. By the time they are adults they¡¦ll regret. For me I take school very seriously (no joke)! That doesn¡¦t mean I won¡¦t have time for my friends and family I always have time for them!!! ƒº

Is my journal entry is good????

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