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find the missing value to the nearest hundredth Tan ___ = 73

I just don't get these!

  • geometry -

    You want to find the angle θ such that

    tanθ = 73

    Another way of writing that is by using the inverse function

    θ = arctan 73
    θ = tan-173

    Just as you need a calculator or a table to find tan 25°, you need a calculator or table of arctan to find arctan 73

    arctan(73) = 89.21°

    tan is just another operator, like + or - or * or √. It has an inverse:

    - or + or / or sup>2 or arctan.

    If someone asked

    3 * ___ = 12

    you find the answer by using the inverse operation:

    ___ = 12/3

    Same with sin cos tan, etc. Use the inverse operation.

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