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Verbals: Infinitives

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Identify the function of the infinitive in the sentence. Choose from the following: subject, direct object, object of the preposition, predicate noun, adjective, adverb

1. The person to ask is your mother.

Function of the infinitive:

2. It is too expensive to travel.

Function of the infinitive:

3.Chance hates to erase the boards.

Function of the infinitive phrase:

  • Verbals: Infinitives - ,

    1. adjective

    What do you think the other two are?

  • Verbals: Infinitives - ,

    I think # 2 would be an adverb because it modifies the adjective expensive?

    and #3, i think would also be an adjective? because it modifies hates?

  • Verbals: Infinitives - ,

    It looks as if you need to go back and re-study the parts of speech and parts of the sentence.

    Let us know when you re-think 2 and 3.

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