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What if ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies? Six months ago, Liz Jakowski,the human resources director, promoted you to office manage. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. My office provides secretarial support for the four members of the executive team. Two years ago, Liz had assigned Jack to support Ralph Alane and Jessica Hilo. Ruth was assigned to Samuel Daley and Frank Daley. The work flow was equally balanced. I've noticed that in the last three months Ruth has cut her breaks short to complete her work, complains of begin tired, and at least twice a month requires overtime hours costing the company an additional $200 a month. In the last three weeks, Frank Daley has complained to me a few times about the poor quality of Ruth's work. On the other hand, over the last three months, Jack frequently seems to have little to do. He has begun coming in late a couple times a week and taking more than the allotted break times. What work he does have, however, is always professionally completed. I have to determine what is causing this change and how to improve the situation. Since nothing has changed in the personal lives of either Jack or Ruth, I've learn the following facts:
* Samuel and Frank Daley share a part-time administrative assistant who works only 15 hrs a week.
* Ralph Alane and Jessica Hilo share a full-time administrative assistant.
*Jessica Hilo has been on medical leave for the last four months,and Liz Jakowski isn't sure whether Jessica will be able to return to work.
* Jessica's duties have been temporarily reassigned to Ralph and Frank.
(Although I don't have the authority to change the work assignments of the two administrative assistants or the executive team, I clearly need to change office assignments so both Jack and Ruth work regularly without requiring overtime.)
Process: The background explains the primary cause of the workflow problem and the negative effects resulting from it. My task is to make up a realistic plan which solves the uneven productivity between Jack and Ruth.

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