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participial phrases

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Which sentence contains a participial phrase with an embedded clause?

Running, giraffes look like something that was designed in a bad dream.

Running when they heard the gunshots, the giraffes fled to safety.

Tired and hot, they stopped when they found water.

When I first looked at this, I thought the last one.. because of the fact that i thought "tired" was a past participial.. but when I looked at all 3 sentences, they almost all look like participles.. ugh, i'm confused! I'm thinking that it must be the embedded clause that is throwing me off.. help?

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    Participles can have -ing endings if they are present participles or past tense endings (-ed, -d, or any irregular past form).

    I see a participle by itself in the first sentence.

    I see a participle and the rest of the words in its phrase in the second sentence.

    I see a participle and an adjective in the third sentence.

    What is your definition of "embedded"?

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    Well, that's the thing.. My lesson that I'm learning doesn't state what an embedded clause is.. I looked it up, but all I came up with was that it's the same as a subordinating conjunction.. would that be correct?

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    I meant subordinate clause! Whoops

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    Then I'd choose the second sentence. In addition to the participle "Running," there is also a subordinate clause: "when they heard the gunshots".

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    I'm in the 4th grade and my teacher stated use the following participial phrases in a sentence of mine own,

    1; Riding a bicycle, is great form of excersing.
    2; being afraid, of the dark can be very frighting.
    having found the solution,
    now heres where I'm stuck can you help me please

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