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Homework Help: English - Native speakers

Posted by Mark on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 12:38pm.

Need a help from a native speaker of English. Can you fill in this text by using either Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect? You would really help a lot. Thank you
When Craig Myers __________(buy) his restaurant, he got it for a very good price because it _________(be) empty for two years. Nobody ________(want) to buy the place because people said that it had a ghost. The ghost was a lady in a long green dress who ___(be) a singer in the restaurant years before. People said that one night , on her way home from the resaturant, the singer __________(drive) her car off the road, over some cliffs and into the sea below. Nobody had ever seen the singer alive again. People said that they had seen her ghost, but Craig _______________(not believe) in ghosts so he wasn’t worried.
Three months after he ________________(buy) the restaurant, Craig opened it again. He ______(call) it The Green Lady.

The restaurant _______________(be) open for six months when a strange thing happened. It _______(be) a Saturday night. Everybody had left and Craig ______(tidy) up the restaurant. Suddenly he heard a woman singing in the dining room. She _________(sing) a traditional song called ’Greensleeves’. Craig _____(go) into the dining room. The voice was louder there, but the room was empty. Craig ____________(check) the resaturant tape recorder and the radio in the kitchen, but they______(be) both switched off. He couldn’t stop the strange singing but he ______(not feel) very worried.

He _____________(lock) up the restaurant , got into his car and _______(start) to drive home. On the way home, he _______(fall) asleep and crashed his car into a tree.He woke up in hospital. Two police officers ______________(sit) in the room with him.

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