December 21, 2014

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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 11:40am.

Can you please check these sentences?
Thank you.

1) I had her go and get the children from school.
2) The technician had the machine going in no time.
3) She kept/left me waiting outside.
You'll waste your time trying to get him to study.
4) Did you manage to find his house?
It took a long time for Mary to finish (her) dinner.
5) He used to spend a long time (a lot of time?) doing his homework.
I could do nothing but admit cheating during the maths test.
6) He risked being hit by the ball.
It is forbidden to fish in this river.
She regretted my missing the beginning of the film (that I had missed the ...)

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