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Physical Education has been an extremely tough class, but I it has done me some justice. Despite how tough and painful it was, it all payed off in the end. Before this class started, running a mile seemed like the toughest task anyone could ever ask. Through extremely tough conditioning and daily practice, running a mile is probably the easiest thing the gym teachers could ask. I have noticed my body gaining strength, and I am very thankful for that.
As shown in the graph, I was a terrible runner at the start of the semester. All of my running times were above ten minutes and twenty seconds. Due to conditioning and practice, I can now complete a full mile in less than nine minutes. It was extremely tough, but I plan to keep running and decreasing my time in the future.
Whenever I graduate from high school, I plan on joining a local gym and doing cardiovascular programs at least 3 times a week. I also think it would be extremely important that I do weight lifting at least one time a week. This hard work would definitely pay off as my body ages, and would also help me decrease my running time as I had planned.
There is one big problem I had with the physical education curriculum here at Floyd Central. I think we need to add break time during the middle of the period. One example of this would be if we ran five laps, took a break for about five to ten minutes, and then ran another five laps successfully completing a mile. That way we have time to catch our breath and replenish ourselves.

I won’t exactly miss this class, but I am glad that it has helped my body gain some strength. It has encouraged me to want to continue to gain muscle. Even though I didn’t enjoy it, I’m sure my body is happy that I have used it to its full ability and that it will make me a stronger, healthier person.

  • Please Revise(short paper) -

    "some justice" = what does that mean?

    "payed" = paid

    "one time a week" = once a week

    Good for you! Keeping in shape is definitely important as you age.


  • Please Revise(short paper) -

    Thanks again!

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