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A combination of 0.383 kg of water at 22.8◦C, 0.499 kg of aluminum at 61.3◦C, and 0.408 kg of copper at 68.3◦C is mixed in an insulated container and allowed to come to thermal equilibrium.
Determine the final temperature of the mix- ture.

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    You first need to look up the specific heats of those three materials. Call then Cw (water), Ca (aluminum) and Cc (copper).

    The heat gained by the water equals the leat lost by the other two materials.
    0.383*Cw*(T-22.8) = (0.499)(Ca)*(61.3 - T) + 0.408*Cc*(68.3-T)

    Substitute the C values and solve for the final temperature, T.

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