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which conversion factor do you use to first calculate the number of grams of CO2 produced by tge reaction of 50.6 CH with O2? The equation for the complete combustion of methane is:
CH4 (g) + 2o2 (g) ---> CO2 (g) +2H2o (l)

a. 2 mol O2/1 mol CO2
b. 1 mol CH4/16.0g of CH4
c. 44.0 g CO2/2 mol CO2
d. 16.0 CH4/1 mol CO4

please help!!

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    You omitted the units for 50.6 (WHAT--grams?) and CHWHAT? CH4?
    First you want to convert 50.6 g CH4 to moles.
    50.6 x (1 mole CH4/16 g CH4) = ?

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