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Whats the value of a? =-=

For the graph, determine the equation of the function in the form y=a(x-h)^2+k.

Then describe the transformations that were applied to y=x^2 to obtain the graph.

Here is the graph: imgur dot com/A7e5M

The only thing I know is that:

1. Reflected in x-axis
2. vertical shift UP 2

Whats the vertical compression/stretch? halps~

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    This time I was able to see your graph,
    the new vertex is (0,2) and another point on it is (1,-1)

    so if the parent equation is y = x^2
    the new equation is
    y = a(x-0)^2 + 2
    y = ax^2 + 2
    but the point (1,-1) lies on it
    1 = a(-1)^2 + 2
    1 = a + 2
    a = -1

    new equation: y = -x^2 + 2

    Notice that because of the position of the new point (1,-1) the value of a turned out be negative, which we expected, since it opens downwards

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    Thank you Reiny!!!!!!!

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