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A. Calculate the force on an alpha particle in an electric field E=Exm where E=3.6E4 N/C and x is a unit vector in the x direction. What is the direction of the force?
B. Calculate the acceleration of the alpha particle in this electric field. What is the direction of the acceleration?

For part A what I did was:
F=qE=2(1.60E-19 C)(3.6E5N/C)=1.152E-13 to the positive x direction

Part B.

a=1.57E-18 m/s^2 to the +x direction

Not sure of the first one but I think the second one is definately wrong.Please check.

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    Why did you change E from 3.6*10^4 N/C to 3.6*10^5 N/C?

    In Part 2, a = qE/m is the correct equation, but I do not see why you then introduced g.

    The mass of an alpha particle is wrong. It is about 6.67*10^-27 kg

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