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I have a powerpoint to do and I need some help with gathering information on New Zealand and the United States. I need help with comparing:

1. Cultural Influences
2. Social Inequalities- race, ethnicity, gender
3. Soical Institutions- family, religion, education
4. Social Control- deviance
5. Economic Systems- capitalism, socialism, or mied economy

I already have a lot of information but it's not what I'm looking for and I really need the help.

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    I'll be glad to help you if you are more specific about what you are looking for.

    What information do you need?

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    I have to compare the list of things with the two countries. I guess what I need help with is an examination of the list, if that makes any sense, for my powerpoint.

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    I suggest you make two lists -- one for the U.S. and the other for New Zealand.

    List for each country:

    Cultural influences

    Social Inequalities


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    I did that but I'm not coming up with what I need . I do not know if I am putting it in the search right or what.

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    Let's start with the first one.

    What are the cultural influences on each country? Consider language, ethnic backgrounds, food, customs, history.

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    Ok, I think with it being broke down like that I will be able to find the information that i need. Can you break down the rest of them for me?

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    2, 3, and 5 are broken down for you.

    4. How does each culture treat deviants?

    Jail terms?
    Mental hospitals?
    Death penalty?

    What about tolerance for gays?

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    ok thank you so much

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