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Posted by Mariana on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 5:12pm.

Using the codon table, determine the sequence of the protein that will be produced from the
mRNA sequence below. Be sure to begin with a start codon.

A. N-Methionine-Leucine-Arginine-Proline-C
B. N-Methionine-Histidine-Serine-Threonine-Glycine-Valine-Valine-Threonine-C
C. N-Histidine-Serine-Threonine-Glycine-Valine-Valine-Threonine-C
D. N-Methionine-Proline-Aspartate-Valine-Alanine-Alanine-Methionine-Threonine-C
E. N-Proline-Aspartate-Valine-Alanine-Alanine-Methionine-Threonine-C

The answer is supposed to be A) but I have no idea why. Please help, I have tried looking on the internet and I still don't understand how the answer for this is A.

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