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I have a few doubts on two sentences.

1) Can you say that a TV programme is nice or beautiful?
2) Last night was the first episode.
The first episode was last night.
3) Last night there was the first episode.
In sentence 2 the subject is after the verb. When is this possible?
4) They found part of the plane and cooked food from it/on it/in it. (Which are possible?)
5) They found part of the plane to cook their food on. (?? is this possible?)

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    1. Yes, you can, but as I wrote yesterday, "nice" is a very blah word! Use more descriptive adjectives for better writing.

    2. OK

    3. Awkward sentence; the sentences in #2 are better.

    Inversion of word order (subject/verb) is used when asking questions, when starting a sentence with "there," "here," "where," and for emphasis.

    4. This all depends on WHERE they did their cooking -- or do you mean they found food on the part of the plane and then cooked somewhere else?

    5. Yes, if you mean they cooked ON a piece of the plane. (I have trouble imagining this, though!)

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