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Physics (verification)

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I would love for someone to please verify my solution for this problem:

A former amusement park attraction consisted of a huge vertical cylinder rotating rapidly around its axis. The rotation speed should be sufficient for the people found inside to be stuck to the wall when the floor was removed. what should be the minimum speed of rotation for this to happen? The coefficient of static friction between the people and the wall of the cylinder is 0.300 and the cylinders radius is 4 meters.


F = mv^2\r

fs = mv^2\r

us(mg) = mv^2\g

us = v^2\g

0.300 * 9,8 m\s^2 = v^2\4m.

2.94 m\s^2 * 4m = v^2

square root (11.76 m^2\s^2) = v

v = 3.43 m\s

Thank you

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