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I left out a few sentences I urgently need you to check. Thank you.

1) The programme was first broadcast in 2004.(Can you also say: the fist time it was broadcast was...)
2) They lived building homes from the trees and eating the food which was on the plane.
3) The main character was Jack, an American doctor who helped the survivors most.
4) They found part of the plane and ate food from/in/on it. (Which are possible?)
5) I've never watched this program because there isn't on Italian TV. (it has never been broadcast on....)
I recommend it because it is strange but interesting to see (watch).
6) I think the program is good and educative for young people (who watch it). The first episode started with a plane flying from New York to Los Angeles.

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    1. Yes, both phrasings are fine.

    2. They survived by building ...

    3. OK

    4. All alternatives are fine.

    5. I've never watched this program because it isn't on Italian TV. (and your alternative is fine, too)

    ... to watch.

    6. ... good and educational...

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