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Posted by TJ on Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 10:23am.

A 10.0L flask contains 3.0atm of ethane and 8.0 atm of oxygen at 28 degrees C. The contents of the gas are reacted and allowed to return to 28 degrees C. What is the pressure of the flask?

Using n=RT/PV I converted atm to moles and then used the balanced equation to find that Oxygen was the LR. I then calculated the moles of Ethane that were unreacted. Using the moles of Oxzygen I calculated the moles of carbon dioxide and water formed. I then used P=nRT/V to find the pressure of each gas and Dalton's law to find the final pressure of 15.1 atm. It doesn't match the book's answer of 12.1 atm. Why?

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