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Algebra 2

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Write the expression as a complex number in standard form. 3-3i/4i

I'm not sure about this problem, but I think the answer is -3/4i-3/4. Could anyone help me please?

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    I guess you mean:
    (3/4)(1/i -i/i)
    so the real questions are:
    What is 1/i and what is i/i
    first one:
    1/i * i/i = i/-1 = -i
    second one:
    i/i = 1
    so we have:
    (3/4)(-i - 1)
    -3/4 - (3/4)i
    so I agree except for the trivial point that that standard form is a + b i not b i + a

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    Okay, thank you for your help! I will change the order of my answer.

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