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7th grade English

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Can someone please read this and check if my grammar is correct? Also, is there a protagonist or antagonist in the story? Thanks in advance!

The waters were calm today so when I heard a splash as loud as a tarpon, I
knew it wasn’t pelican. I sped toward the sound just in time see a red haired man doing the unimaginable. A crippled, screeching, dolphin was in the water and standing over it, in his boat was Andy Martin.

“It ain't my fault, Will.” he claimed,
“Then whose?” I said, breathless at the sight before me.
“Its been caught in these traps long before I got here.” he said,
“But they are your traps right?”

“Come on,” I dug under some towels on my boat until I found a rope then threw it at Andy, he already knew what to do. I buried my face in my hands, I hated to do this but Andy was my little brother and the Bottlenose Dolphin is an endangered species so he would surely be put in jail for the death of one.

When I looked up, one end of the rope was tied to the dolphins tale, and the other end to Andy’s boat. He was waiting for me to lead so I turned toward the wheel and started off towards the abandoned channels where we hid the body of the dolphin in the mangroves.

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    "it wasn’t pelican." = I knew it wasn't A pelican.

    "just in time see" kist om to,e TP see

    "“Its been caught" It's (contraction for "It has"

    "threw it at Andy, he already knew" = run-on sentence that you can fix by making the comma a semicolon

    "the dolphins tale," = difference between "tale" (story) and "tail" = opposite the nose!

    protagonist = The leading character or a major character in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.

    antagonist = A person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.


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