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preposition questions

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i need to underline the preposition in each sentence and draw an arrow pointing to its object

1) Valentines Day is in February.
prep - in pointed to Februaray

2) Ihave new puppy at home.
prep = at pointed to home

3) There are 2 pairs of shoes under the bed. prep under pointed to bed

4) My sister lives in Ohio.
prep in pointed to Ohio

5) The store opens at ten o'clock.
prep: at pointed to clock

6) The cow jumped over the moon.
prep: over pointed to moon

7) The children dove into the pool.
prep: into pointed to pool

8) I put the leaf between the pages of abook.
prep: between pointed to pages

9) Beautiful flowers were growing in the garden.
prep in pointed to : garden

10 We were siting near the stage.
prep: near pointed to stage.

are these right?

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    3, 8. Right, but these sentences have two prepositional phrases.

    The rest are correct.

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    3) would it be prep of
    pointed to shoes

    8) prep of pointed to book

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    Right! Good job!!

  • preposition questions - ,

    I love this. I am very bad at appositives and prepositions.i get those two mixed up. I think this is an awesome website for people like me who need help!😄😃

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