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what life like for many teens in post war period? present answer under following headings: A) independence B) styles C) music D) teens as "target market"

for this i think they only have ample leisure time, more money to spend from part-time jobs.

for this girls wore their hair in poodle cuts, pony tails or beehives. they dress in saddle shoes or penny loafers, poodle skirts, crinolines, and cardigans. they wore strapless gowns to their proms. boys had crew-cut or ducktail hairstyles
and dresses in white socks, blue jeans or dress pants, and V-necked sweaters, black leather jackets, or sport coats.

for this Rock n'roll was favorite music style of many teens. roots of rock n roll in African American music from southern United States, adapted for other audiences by Elvis Presley and many other musicians.

i not know about the teens as target market

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    Ahh -- you bring back memories. I was 11 when the war ended -- so was a teen in the post war years.

    A few of my memories don't agree with your information -- at least from the 40s and early 50s. Jeans didn't become popular until a little later. We were still listening to ballads and jazz. Rock and roll caught on a little later.

    Your answers are excellent.

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    thanks very much ms. sue i not know about the teens as target markets what that mean? that mean that markets advertise thing on tv and make teen want to buy them?

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    Yes. You are right about advertisers aiming the commercials at teenagers.

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    thanks ms. sue under that i write that tv's american bandstand and local canadian teen dance shows popularized dances including Jive, Monster Mash, Watusi, Mashed potato, and the Twist. this go under teens as target market?

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