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World History

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16. All of the following encouraged Greek unity except
a. a common language
b. a common religion
c. the geography of Greece
d. belief in a common ancestor

18. The first metal to be developed was probably
a. bronze
b. copper
c. iron
d. steel

22. The Chinese believed that family members were united forever through their
a. language
b. education
c. ideologies
d. dynasty

28. Athens would have been a more complete democracy if
a. more citizens had been allowed to take part in government
b. more people had been allowed to become citizens
c. foreigners had not been permitted to influence the government
d. the Council of Five Hundred had been allowed to veto laws passed by the Assembly
I think A but I'm not sure.


  • World History -

    16. The geography of Greece with mountains and islands discouraged Greek unity.

    The others are correct.

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