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Algebra II

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I solved one of these sigma notations and had Reiny check it in an earlier post but this one totally befuddles me-
Which of the following terms would not be in the series generated by the expression: 5
Signma symbol (k^2-5k+2)

the choices are 2, -2, 4 or -4If you could even just provide a starting point- we are just learning this and I'm not doing too great right now-thank you but I'm trying

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    the 5 should be on top then the signma symbol in middle and the k=2 on the bottom with the equation (k^2 -5k+2) to the right of all of it

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    It simply means subbing in k=2, k=3 ... k=5 into the expression and adding up the results
    that is.

    = (2^2 - 5(2) + 2) + (3^2 - 5(3) + 2) + ... + (5^2 - 5(5) + 2)
    = -4 + (-4) + (-2) + 2

    I can see why you would be confused, since none of your choices are NOT a term generated by the expression.
    Misprint in the question?
    Question is faulty?

  • Algebra II-Reiny please recheck -

    No the way I typed is is the way it is written--
    5 on top, sigma symbol in middle and k=2 on bottom with the equation (k^2-5k+2) to the right and the answers are possible:
    4, -4, 2, -2
    I'm not sure if I see (4) used above when you substituuted-is that the one not generated??

  • Algebra II -

    of course!
    You are right, I guess I can't read my own typing

    4 is it!

  • Algebra II -

    Thank you

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