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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, December 5, 2011 at 9:51am.

Could you please help me check these sentences, please? I have a few doubts on sentences you checked some time ago.

1) This ballad is composed of seven parts consisting of four-line stanzas.
2) The mariner's glittering eyes force the wedding guest to listen to his tale.
The mariner's tale starts with (??) a ship sailing southwards towards the Equator.
3) Through nature the poet can gain (obtain is wrong?) a better knowledge of the universe and be closer to God.
4)The stars strech in an ever-ending line.The main cause of the Industrial Revolution in Britian was an increase in population which lead to a rise in the demand for clothes.
5) The Industrial Revolution caused first of all an increase in production..
6) The storm is represented/described/personified as a huge bird. BUT the storm is presented LIKE a huge bird (?)
7) The flowers are presented not statically as in a painting but alive with motion. (They are not presented statically IS wrong?)

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