March 27, 2017

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1/3 Y÷1/2 X=4

Discuss its meaning.
Create a shape for X and for Y that will make this true. Draw and label the shapes, then illustrate how the quotient was obtained. Your drawing must be neat and accurate.
Can individual pieces of a traditional tangram be used to represent X and Y and to support the given relationship? Explain why or why not.
Draw a scale with one Y on the left side. What should you put on the right side for the scale to balance? (Note: You cannot put one Y).

  • Math...HELP i dont understand this problem! - ,

    1/3 Y / 1/2 x= 2/3 y/x

    2/3 y /x=4
    y= 6x

    Looks like a line to me.

  • Math...HELP i dont understand this problem! - ,

    Can tangrams be use to represent x and y?

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