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Posted by Ahmed on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at 10:13pm.

One of the steps in the Ostwald process for the production of nitric acid involves oxidation of ammonia.

4NH3 (aq) + 5O2 (g) <---> 4NO (g) + 6H2O (g), Delta H= -905kJ

a) State the reaction conditions that favour the production of nitrogen monoxide.
b) A rhodium/platinum alloy is used as a catalyst. What effect does the catalyst have on the position of the equilibrium. Explain.
c) A relatively low pressure of about 710 kPa is used. Suggest why.
d) In the next step of the Ostwald process, nitrogen monoxide is mixed with air to form nitrogen dioxide:

2NO (g) + O2(g) <----> 2NO2(g) , Delta H= -115kJ

Why are the gases cooled for this reaction?


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