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Posted by SHAY on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 10:21pm.

Using the lists of possible answers, use the letters assigned to the characters/people to identify who would be the speaker of each of the following paraphrases/quotations:

1)I think we'll all be destroyed by the A-Bomb,so why should I care about anything?

2)We were dared to crash into a Catholic church, but I couldn't do it when I saw how holy and respectful everyone looked inside.

3)I enjoy the work atmosphere so much more than the rest of my exisitence trying to survive and look normal.

4)I don't believe in religion, but I kept my eyes closed out of reverence for the moment.

5)When I was a child,there used to be furniture that seemed friendly and would give me comfort.

6)I'll come see you, wherever it is you decide to live, but I won't bring my friends with me.

7) I wonder if my daydream of my neighbor's house being raided has worked its way across the street.

8) I cut my hair short and looked girlish and similar to the angels in stained glass windows.

9) I was too busy with other thoughts to notice that they were muddy when they returned back home.

10) You don't enjoy things when you feel like you look ragged.

11)I didn't care much for the poems she wrote.

12) I thought it was a funny joke, but I didn't think you'd get sick.

13) We must persevere and not be implicated in wrong doing as we push ahead in this fight.

14)"[She's]awfully brilliant; but not as brilliant as she thinks."

15)Women all share similar experiences. How else can we explain what we know right now?

16)It's simple. I don't want anyone but you, and I don't want you doing anything you don't want to do.

17)I watched her stand under the tree just watching the house burn. I knew she hated the house enough to dance at its destruction.

18)Poor thing. She'll be as sick as she wants to be.

19)"[...] this is not much of a democracy if you ask me."

20)He said they need to figure out the reason she did it...something to show why she did it in such an odd way.

21)I want to go back when I get my birthday money.

22)we forget how it was for our own families when we use ethnic slurs for the newest newcomers.

23)I have both color and black and white tv sets, but I prefer to turn on the color set.

24)Licorice is the taste of everything you wait for.

25)I'm afraid that I didn't treat my daughters equally because my economic situation forced me to work nights when my first daughter was an infant.

26)I don't think he cared about what his wife wanted.

Possible answers for #1-26
A) Alida Slade
B) Anna Quindlen
C) Arthur Ashe
D) Calixta
E) Dee Johnson
F) Diane
G) Emily Grierson
H) Emily ("I Stand Here Ironing")
I) Faith
J) Fly Boy
K) Grace Ansley
L) Homer
M) Jane
N) Jennie
O) Jig
P) John
Q) Maggie Johnson
R) Martin Luther King Jr.
S) Mary
T) Mercedes
U) Miss Moore
V) Mr. Hale
W) Mr. Henderson
X) Mr. Peters
Y) Mrs. Hale
Z) Mrs. Peters
AA)Ms. Johnson
BB)Narrator of "Cathedral"
CC)Narrator of "I Stand Here Ironing"
FF)Rosie Giraffe
II)The American
JJ)Young Goodman Brown

The answers can be repeated.

I believe #2 is GG, #6 is E, #10 is Y, #15 is Y, #18 is P, #25 is CC, #26 is V

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