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Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you.

1) Both the witches' prediction and Macbeth's ambition increase Lady Macbeth's thirst/desire for power.
2)Sleep is seen/regarded/described/personified (are they all possible?) an innocent murder victim.
3) Sleep nourishes us and gives us life and energy as does the second course (or: as the second course does?).
4) The word Renaissance derives from a French word meaning rebirth.
She urges him to take back the daggars to Duncan's room. (to return, are both possible?
5) Macbeth is frightened of the idea to return to the King's room.
6) She tells him he mustn't be frightened of dead and sleeping people, because they scare only children. She compares them to the image of the painted devil used in popular stage performances.

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    2) yes, but I'd add "as"

    The other things are also possible.


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