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Posted by Laruen on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 6:36am.

About the John Hokins Talent Search (gr 7th-8th) my friend said that I have to be in honor classes to do it. I don't believe her. I know that I have to bring my average up to a 99 or a 100.

Talent Search Eligibility
To enter the CTY Talent Search, students must have a qualifying test score. Here are some guidelines to assist you in determining if a student has a qualifying, or acceptable test.


We encourage educators, parents, and others to nominate students who exhibit outstanding academic talent to participate in the CTY Talent Search. The nominations are based on the following criteria:

95th percentile or higher...
Achievement at the 95th percentile or higher on one or more subtests of a nationally-normed standardized test

State tests...
Achievement at advanced levels on state tests, designated as advanced proficiency, distinguished, honors, or gifted


Talent Search accepts tests and subtests that measure mathematical and verbal reasoning ability. Since many tests have a wide variety of subtests, and these subtests' names change, the following guidelines can help you identify acceptable subtests:

Acceptable types of tests or subtests include those that look for reasoning. Examples of key words in acceptable test/subtest names include:

total battery
total math
total reading
total score or core

Unacceptable tests or subtests are those that are NOT reasoning. Examples of key words indicating tests or subtests that are not acceptable include:


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