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Using electron bookkeeping draw a Lewis dot diagram for NF2H and N2H2 determine how many electrons each atom should be assigned.

Thanks Guys I really appreciate it, my assignment is due tonight and the test is tomorrow, could you explain it,thanks

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    These are almost impossible to draw on this board. You have 26 electrons.
    Draw N on a sheet of paper, place F, F, and H on each of three sides. Place two electrons between each to show the covalent bond. Place six more electrons around each F and place the last two electrons on the fourth side of N so it will be an unshared pair.

    H:N::N:H with a lone pair above each N.

    You post sounds as if you want the formal charge. The formal charge on all of the atoms in each structure is zero.

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    Thanks DR Bob

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    : : :
    : F : N : F :
    : : :
    DR Bob this is what I drew, I know its not lined up but could you explain the method of electron booking for me.
    Thanks again

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