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Three men (Tom, peter, and jack)and three women (Eliza, Anne, and Karen) are spending a few months at a hillside. They are to stay in a row of nine cottages, each one living in his or her owm cottage. There are no others staying in the same row of hoses.In addition,
A. Anne, Tom and Jack do not want to stay in any cottage, which is at the end of the row.
B.ELiza and Anne are unwilling to stay besides any occuiped cottage
C. Karen is next to peter and Jack
D. Between Anne and Jack's cottage there is just one vacant house
E. None of the girls occupy adjacent cottages
F. The house occupied by Tom is next to an end cottage.

HOw many of them occupy cottages next to a vacant cottage?

Which among these statements are true?
1. annie is between Eliza and Jack
2. at the most four persons can have occupied cottages on either side of them
3. Tom stays besides peter

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