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AlCl3(aq)+ NH4OH(aq)-> Al(OH)3(s) + NH4Cl(aq)
AlCl3(aq)+ 3NH4OH(aq)-> Al(OH)3(s) + 3 NH4Cl(aq)... is balanced-- Now total ioic?? Is this right?? :

Al +3Cl+3NH4 +OH --> Al+ 3OH+ 3NH4+ 3Cl

Crossing out on both sides I end up with OH --> 3OH

I do not know what to do or how it works and what each compound ends up as solid, liq, gas or aq

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    See your other post. If you still need assistance, explain exactly what your trouble is. The first thing see that may be causing trouble is that you have displayed ions as atoms.

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