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A 2.9 × 103 kg car accelerates from rest at
the top of a driveway that is sloped at an
angle of 16.0 with the horizontal. An average
frictional force of 4.2×103 N impedes the car’s
motion so that the car’s speed at the bottom
of the driveway is 4.6 m/s.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 .
What is the length of the driveway?

  • physics -

    x = unknown length of driveway
    distance it fell: h = x sin 16

    potential energy lost = m g h = m g x sin 16

    Ke gained = (m/2)(4.6)^2

    difference = work done by friction = 4.3*10^3 * x

    m g x sin 16 = (m/2)4.6^2 + 4.3*10^3 x

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