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For the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the
nature of the solutions. -9x^2+6x-2=0 what is the value of the discriminant? Which one
of the statements below is correct? A) the equation has two imaginary solutions. B) the
equation has two real solutions. C) the equation has one real solution

I have this has two real solutions and the discriminant is 49

Is this correct?

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    There is no need for an equation to ever start with a negative term, we can just multiply each term by -1 (just switch the signs)

    -9x^2 + 6x - 2 = 0
    9x^2 - 6x + 2 = 0

    discr. = b^2 - 4ac = 36 - 4(9)(2) = -36

    so there are two imaginary solutions.

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