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Homework Help: ENGLISH CHECK

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 6:17pm.

English is my second language; please help me to solve few sentences
Which one is a complete sentence?
Yesterday in the morning while I was asleep
Cornered by deer in late evening while talking on my cell and listening radio
Because I finished my home work, I may go out.
I think option 2 is right?
Question 2
I believe her parent is right from the below options.
Her parents or herís parents.

To _____ Gift was purchased
1) whom
2) for who
3) to who
4) for whom
I chose whom the right option?
If there is not To at the beginning of the sentences which option would be best.
The advice was meant for ____
you and i
she and i
you and me
I chose option 1 you and i. Am i right?
______ congratulated
were being
was being
i chose have ...Am I right
this is the hardest one ....each of you student are responsible to arriving
what wrong with sentence
punction verb tense
punction direct
subject verb
quote argument
which one is right option.
please help.

The run trunk, which had been parked on steep hill, swerved and factories before jumping curb and slamming into tree.
There are 2 options of second person narrative in my EXAM.
I chose the first one. But want to make sure if i am right,
1) you become lost in labyrinth of lies
2) he was lost in labyrinth of lies.
Question 2
1) my son's peaches are ready for harvest.
2) The peaches are ready for harvest
which one in right?

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