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Introduction programing visual basic

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break even analysis. suppose a certain product sells for a dollars per unit. then the revenue from selling x units of the product is ax dollars if the cost of producting each unit of the product is b dollars and the company has overhead cost of c dollars then the total cost of producing x unit of the product is bx + c dollars. write a programe. ( note revenue is the amount of money received from the sale of the product . the value of a, b and c are called the marginal revenue, marginal cost and fixed cost respectively. the break even point is the value of x for which the revenue equals the total cost. write program that request the marginal revenue. write a program that request the marginal revenue, marginal cost, fixed cost and number of units of the product produced and sold (x) and then displays one of the following three output : profit, loss or break even.

  • Introduction programing visual basic -

    We will be glad to help you out if you have difficulties in making pseudocode, checking logic, debugging, or suggesting alternatives or algorithms.

    You have to show your work to have a starting point. You must have learned something from school to get started somewhere. If not, tell us what you've learned, and what you know. We'll take if from there.

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