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Question: how to solve for a 28.4 L sample of methane gas is heated from 35.0° C to 76.0° C. The initial pressure of the gas is 1.00 atm at 35.0° C. Assuming constant volume, what is the final pressure of the gas?

Could someone give me the setup for this? I know I have to change my temp to K, but there is three different temps and I wanted to use the formula P1V1T1/P2V2/T2, but I only have one a V1 and no V2. I need to find P2 and V2. Help please

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    a. Your formula you want to use is not right. I suspect you just made a typo.
    b. Of course there is only one volume. The problem says constant volume; therefore, you don't need a volume.
    c. There are not three Temps. I see only two. The gas goes from 35C to 76 C and it starts at 1 atm.
    d. Use (P1/T1) = (P2/T2) and solve for P2.

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