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The initial rate of reaction for H2O2(aq) <-> H2O (l) 1/2 O2 (g)
is found to be 1.7x10(-3)M/s. Assume that this rate holds for 2 minutes. Start with 160ml of 1.60 M H2O2.
How many milliliters of O2 measured at 24C and 760mmHg , are released from solution in the first minute of the reaction?

I tried to calculate the new concentration of H2O2, assuming it was a zero order reaction from the units of the k. I used the eqn:
I got k from using RxnRate=k*(conc(Ao)
Then i was thinking about finding the Ksp value and doing an ice table. Solving for the conc of O2, then using PV=nRT and the molarity to find the V. Is this method right or? :s

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